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Master Ren Gang –Understanding the Essence of Taiji

Many people have already tried to explain what Taiji is, and what makes this art so special or different from other Chinese martial arts. Some translate it as “The Supreme Ultimate Fist” – giving students an idea that it is a great fighting art, based on strength, speed or martial skills. But to Ren Gang,…

88 Form with diagrams

Yang Style Taiji Sanshou (88) 1. Step-forward. (rt). Punch (r) 2. Step-back. (If). ward-off (r). (rt) 3. Step-forward, (rt), Deflect-up, Punch (r) 4. Parry (I), Punch (r), Rock-slep, (rt) 5. Step-around, (rt). Step-behind, (If). Strike w. Shoulder (I) 6. ‘Hit liger’ (r), Step-behind, (rt) 7. Strike w. Elbow (I). (If) 8. Parry Elbow w. Palm…